Sample of the Week #5 – Hiroshi Yoshimura

A bit late this week, but here’s this weeks sample! A lowkey ambient track by Japanese composer Hiroshi Yoshimura (1940-2003).


I chose this track because I have a particular fondness for ambient music. One of my favorite Nujabes tracks, Latitude sampled the ambient track Clouds by Charles Hayword and Gigi Masin.

Since I’m such a sucker for the Nujabes sound, I reckon the best place to start is to pick an ambient track to jam out with. Today’s track Heartland from Hiroshi Yoshimura’s album Wet Land. Released in 1993, Heartland is a ultra mellow affair. The perfect mix of minimalism and nature sounds. This sample can be the backbone of  all manner of boom bap or other sampled hip hop.  

On to the track proper.  Heartland opens with a deep ethereal synth that fills up the soundscape. it is complimented by a very natural water drip Foley effect and subtle melancholic piano that echoes something deep within the mind.  This is new age at its finest. Spares but evocative all at once.

I recommend the rest of the album Wet Land if you dig this kind of sound. Those of you out there with producer’s ears will have a field day with this one as anyone of Yoshimura’s compositions would server vary well as a starting point to making some halcyon inspired tracks that are dripping in nostalgia. RIP Hiroshi Yoshimura.


See ya next week.



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