Sample of the Week #6 – Gal Costa

This week's SOTW comes from Brazil's own Gal Costa.

I should just move these to Sunday, huh? This week’s sample is Gal Costa’s Lost In The Paradise. This track comes from her self-titled 1969 release, Gal Costa.

If you’ve never checked out her work, you are missing out on some serious saudade. The Brazilian word for deep nostalgia, which this track definitely evokes.This number is an immediate jazzy number that opens with a subdued drum beat and mellow muted horns.

Gal Costa in the 1960s.

Once the horns give way, Gal Costa sings a mournful sounding tune (in English) the winds up and down. Around the 2nd verse the tone shifts into a confident mood with the addition of a killer jazz drum beat and horn section that mirrors Gal Costa’s dynamic voice.

Brazil in the 1960s.

Gal Costa (1969) was Gal Costa’s debut as a solo artist and is a keystone release of the Tropicália movement. Brazil’s counterculture movement of the late 1960s that combined the standard Brazillian bossa nova sound with more British & American psychedelic elements with a splash of pop rock.

Gal Costa in the 1960s.

Gal Costa recently passed back in November 2022, at the age of 77. Here’s my favorite track of hers’: Que Pena. This song is on the same album as Lost In Paradise. It’s a duet with another Brazilian Legend: Jorge Ben.

Until next time. RIP Gal Costa.


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